Financing Terms that make paying for braces flexible and easy

We remove the worry by offering terms that are truly affordable.

FlexibleStart Treatment for a low down payment.

Down Payments

Honest0% Interest Financing

Clear Financing

MonthlyAdjustable Monthly Costs

Low Payments

"Our whole goal here is to make the financial aspect of orthodontics as flexible and as comfortable as possible. Flexibility is the key to breaking through that financial barrier."

Dr. Nudera

What are my financing options?

Most of our patients choose to finance their treatment and we have dedicated staff to develop a financing plan that works for you.  We offer payment plans spread over months, or even the entire treatment time. If you pay in full, you can receive a cash (5%) or credit card (3%) discount on your total.

Do you charge extra for retainers?

No, all your fees include any retainers we recommend and provide for you. All fees cover follow-up visits for the first year, too. There is a small fee charged for all lost or broken retainers.

Do clear braces cost more?

Due to material costs there’s a small increased fee. We believe in offering the best system possible to give you an amazing smile in the quickest time frame.

Does my dental insurance covers braces?

Once you provide your insurance information, we will gather all of the information about your orthodontic coverage available to you when you come to our office for your first consultation.

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes! We offer a discount for each additional family member who also begins full treatment with us.

Do you provide retainer checks?

Yes, under our comprehensive treatment fees, you benefit from free retainer checks for the first year. But honestly we are very flexible. We want you to have access to us for amazing continuing care and any questions you may have after treatment.

Does Invisalign cost more than braces?

No! The cost of Invisalign is almost always comparable to that of braces – and sometimes even less!

Can I use my Flexible Spending Account ?

You can typically use your FSA to pay for orthodontic treatment. You’ll need to check specifically with your insurance provider and individual plan to make sure you are eligible. If you need proof of treatment or receipts to satisfy your FSA requirements, we can provide you with those. 

More Questions?

We are here to answer any questions you may have. We know figuring out how to finance orthodontic treatment is personal and unique to every family’s situation, so we want to be as clear and as transparent as possible about what options you do have.

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Why We Care About Flexible Financing Options

Our goal is to reduce the anxiety people feel when it comes to financing any sort of medical cost. Every family who comes into our office has different financial situations. We want to make sure we can make orthodontics affordable for everyone.

Flexibility is the key to breaking through those financial barriers.

We want you to feel welcome and happy from the moment you start treatment to the day the braces come off.

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Financing for Orthodontics

Making orthodontic treatment flexible and easy.

We are not here to sell you treatment. We are here to improve smiles and self confidence.

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