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We Use Clear Braces That Give You A Better Experience

At Nudera Orthodontics, we love using Damon Clear for nearly invisible braces. These clear braces have all the same benefits of the Damon System meaning less pain than with traditional braces without sacrificing any quality. Instead of spending 2-3 years in braces, lots of our patients complete their treatment in close to 18 months!

Braces Technology We Think You Will Love

Damon's design allows us to move your teeth with less pain than traditional braces.


With Damon your time in braces is much faster and gentler. Meaning fewer trips to the office!

We love Doing Braces in Kane County and Cook County

Achieve amazing results and a better experience, so you can get back to doing life.
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High Quality Braces

We want you to love your smile, and Damon braces helps us offer quality care for our patients.

Nearly Invisible Braces.

Damon Clear braces are so discreet people may not realize you’re wearing braces at all.

Greater Comfort

Damon Braces allow your teeth the freedom to slide along the archwire, which creates a gentler experience.

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Nudera Orthodontics Uses the Damon Clear Braces to Try and Achieve The Best Orthodontic Results.

Nudera Orthodontics can use Damon Clear Ceramic braces for treatment. We believe it provides a much faster, less painful, less confusing  experience for our patients. Thanks to these innovative new braces, achieving your perfect smile will be faster and easier – and much less noticeable – than you ever thought possible. The Clear Ceramic Braces offer the same efficient and comfortable tooth movement that the Metal Damon Braces offer.

Most people don’t care about what brackets their orthodontists are using – and why would you. Brackets are brackets. Well, that’s not entirely true. As you can see, the Damon Clear Ceramic Braces system has better results in less time, a simplified procedure, fewer visits to the office, and offers greater comfort.

We want you to feel welcome and happy from the moment you start treatment to the day the braces come off.

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Financing for Braces

Making orthodontic treatment flexible and easy.

We are not here to sell you treatment. We are here to improve smiles and self confidence.

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